Big things with little cars

I’ve got an excellent reason to jump into the Tarmac Works bandwagon, with an awesome BMW M3 E30 just like the one in the photo below. I’ve got my first full scientific paper accepted for publication!

This paper was two and a half years in the making. I, actually, had laid everything out on paper years ago, but it was only late 2017 that my advisor had found time to check it. We made a few corrections and submitted it to MNRAS December 14th. It was a huge surprise when, in January 4th, we received the confirmation letter! We were baffled for how quick it was!


The process can be very tough. When we submit a scientific article, the journal then sends it to some referees, who read the article to check if it’s good for publication. Usually, they ask loads of questions, and it isn’t rare for people to do a whole lot more of work to get them accepted. Mine had only two typos :D

I bought this BMW in presale, in Brazil. It’ll be sent later this month. The paper will also get published later this month, or early February, so they’ll probably arrive together. All these photos aren’t mine, I just got them from GIS. I thought a Tarmac Works was a great way to celebrate this milestone on my life!

The article will be published soon in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, and a preprint can be found here:


If this link doesn’t work (I believe it only works with IP addresses on universities), it is also available on this pre-print archive.


Once I get my BMW I’ll certainly post loads of photos here!

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