Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Awkward K-Mart HAWL

Found myself in West Lebanon NH on Wednesday. Since I missed out on the final K-Day of 2018 in Dec, I figured I would pop into K-Mart and snag 20 cars to qualify for the VW Drag Bus mail in (it’s still valid peeps).

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if that K-Mart gets closed down this year. The place was in ROUGH shape. Lots of empty shelves, weird stock spread out to fill gaps, displays that were just wrecked and obviously had not seen employee love in a long time, just overall sad sad conditions. So, if this is going to be my last K-Day mail-in, I’m going to get it!


Side note: I found a snow globe in the Christmas section that was filled with rusty poop water... seemed rather symbolic of my visit.

Despite the store conditions, there was a wire bin filled with hundreds of Hotwheels. Obvious overstock from the K-day. I dug in and picked out 21 cars just to be on the safe side. I like to give the mail in folks one extra card.


So, I get to the register and the dude ringing is totally 10 forks and spoons short of a picnic. He’s ringing out my cars, semi-staring into space, contemplating his next career path. We’re done... I pay... life is good.

But wait! I get out to the car and my receipt only shows 18 Hotwheels purchased. I counted up my bag and I certainly had only 21 cars.


Massive dilemmasville. Do I go back in and complain?

“You didn’t ring up all my toy cars bruh.” :/

For those of you kinda lost here... I need 20 cars on my receipt to mail in for the VW Drag bus. So, 18 cars on my receipt ain’t gonna cut it. Balls.


Being that this poor spacey soul is probably going to lose his job in a matter of months. I didn’t really want to get him in trouble with his manager. Nor did I want to completely make his already taxed brain explode if I were to complain that he needed to ring out more cars.

So, I did what any logical chump would do... I reluctantly shuffled back into the store and picked out 4 more cars (can’t be too safe here now) and strategically positioned myself to ring out with a awake different cashier because there was no way in hell I was going to let that dude give me even more cars for free! No way sir, not on my watch.


In the end I HAWL’d in 25 sweet rides. Mostly fodder for customs and whatnot.

Don’t forget, deadline for the mail in is 2/17 and that Bus is pretty sweet.

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