Hello all! The admins here were nice enough to let me start posting, so I thought you’d appreciate seeing some of my old favorites I harvested from my parents’ house. I hadn’t set eyes on these in years, but since I weirdly caught the bug again, I thought I’d grab a few favorites and take them home with me.

When I thought back to my old collection, the black and yellow Firebird was always the first to come to mind. I was mostly a Matchbox kid, but I should have known that my one cherished Hot Wheels had all the charisma. For whatever reason, I had a massive crush on the Screaming Chicken Trans Am. Funny... I never smuggled any cases of Coors before...

This one got so lost in the dark corners of my mind that I actually remembered it as a real car I had seen, not a Matchbox that I had rolled around my floor.


When I was a kid, (and clearly a moron,) I was weirdly fixated on this godawful malaise machine.

Now here’s an interesting case. I have only the faintest recollection of owning this one, and it didn’t stir up any nostalgia. But when I looked it up, I found out it’s actually worth a bit of scratch. Much as it was (apparently) my faithful companion as a child, I’m thinking of flipping it to fund the new habit.


Well, that’s it for now, but I’ll post more soon, hopefully about the reason I’m doing this all in the first place. My new collection will be split between Car Culture (and its equivalents in the Main Line and from Johnny Lightning) and iconic cars from movies and TV. Funny enough, look who showed up a few weeks ago:

We never really change, do we?