Narrator: In our last Bat Blog, the dynamic duo were using their Bat analyzer to check on the most recent replicas of their Bat vehicles made by Mattel the maker of Hot Wheels as compared to previous releases from the Corgi brand. But the invisible shields (aka blister packs) prevented the Bat analyzer from giving a detailed review. Batman then proposes to use the Bat DLM. To those unfamiliar with the term, it means Diecast Liberation Movement where a model is freed from the package. And now the conclusion.

Batman: I shall now pour the Bat DLM chemical on the invisible shields. Let’s hope it works.

Robin: Holy freedom Batman. It’s working as I see the clear plastic ungluing itself from the cardboard.

Batman: Right Robin. Now that we have freed all our Bat vehicles, let’s have the Bat analyzer review the Batcycle first.


Analyzer: The Batcycle replica is nicely made and is faithful to the real Batcycle in the TV show. The Batcycle features rolling wheels, rubber tires, die-cast frame, engines, front forks, plastic handlebars, antennae, ….


and a removable go-kart with rolling wheels!

Robin: Holy feature Batman. My go-kart can actually be detach from the Batcycle.

Batman: Definitely a nice touch, Robin.

Analyzer: The real cycle is based on a Yamaha Catalina 250.

Corgi did a Batbike but did not include a side car and did not resemble the one in the movie. It however includes a rocket firing mechanism.


Mattel wins on likeness however Corgi also gets a point on having a Batman figure included and both were tie on the working features.


Analyzer: The Batcopter is a nice replica that is almost identical to the actual Batcopter used in the Batman movie. Made of die cast and plastic. The only moving part is the rotor on the top as the tail rotor is molded on to the frame. Most likely this was done as it may be too fragile to make it a moving part when played by kids. Even though this series/set is advertise as 1:50 the helicopter is way smaller than that. The real Batcopter was a functional helicopter provided by National Helicopter Service. It was based on the Bell 47, which was designed by Bell Helicopter Textron in 1941.

The Corgi Batcopter 925 was based on the Corgi Police Helicopter 921 which was based on the real-life Hughes 369/500 turbine-powered helicopter. It did not resemble the Batcopter in the movie therefore Mattel wins but Corgi still gets a point for having a Batman figure included.



Analyzer: This is a nicely detailed Batmobile based on the TV series. The wheels are identical to the one used in the show. Larger than the 1/64 previously released by Hot Wheels, this is part of the 1/50 scale set which in theory is actually true to scale. Only working features are rubber tires and it rolls. The real Batmobile is based on the futuristic concept car called the Lincoln Futura made by Ford and was designed by George Barris of Barris Kustom City which acquired the car for would you believe $1.00 from Ford?

The Corgi Batmobile has many variations. It is almost a faithful replica except for the wheels which are covered with the big red Bat symbol before the whizz wheels era. Corgi wins as it comes with 2 removable figures - Batman and Robin, a nice looking vintage artwork box and also has working rocket launcher and chain cutters. Mattel gets a point for getting the wheels right.



Analyzer: The Batboat replica is close to the one used in the movie. The Batboat comes with a black plastic trailer which is a disappointment, customized with the addition of batfins over the wheel wells, and bat symbols on the hubcaps. This trailer was never shown on the Batman movie so we don’t know where it was based from. The trailer attaches to a hitch added to the newer edition of the previously released 1:50 scale Batmobile. Another disappointment is the boat does not stay securely, and only rests loosely on top of the trailer. Only working feature is the boat can be separated, has rubber tires and it rolls.

The Corgi trailer looks different from the Hot Wheels version as it looks more like an everyday trailer and is made of metal. The boat is securely attached atop the trailer. Includes Batman and Robin figures and also a separate trailer coupling to fit the Batmobile. Corgi wins this one.

Batman: Well Robin, I think the Bat analyzer did a great job reviewing and comparing the models from the 2 manufacturers.


Robin: Right Batman. Except, I was just wondering what sort of formula did you use to come up with the Bat DLM chemical?

Batman: It’s simple Robin. It’s called Acetone.

End Music: Nananananana… Batman.