Big things with little cars

For sale: 1987 Pontiac Fiero w/fiberglass body kit. Stock GM 2.8 V6, Automatic, non-op registration. Has been sitting for years but will start with jump, but seems to run on 5 cylinders, probably something to do with the varmint nests on the engine. Large exhaust leak, muffler looks rusted out. Wheels turn but brake pedal goes to floor. Will need to be towed on flatbed!!

I got this POS as is from the ex-wife of a former friend who went to prison on drug charges, he was in the middle of it when the Feds caught up with him. He must have been sampling his product, because as you can tell from the pictures, he was no good at car building. None of the seams line up, the rear deck doesn’t close, and I can stick my hand between the deck and B-pillar on the right. Nice looking wheels, but for some reason he ordered them 2” too big in back, and the offset is all wrong so they hit the uprights and bodywork. May have something bent in front suspension, right front wheel alignment looks weird. No headlights, buckets are there and wired. Has generic school bus tail lights fitted with wood screws, wiring not done in back. Paint is just ok, with lots of imperfections, but might sand out. For some reason the idiot thought it would be a good idea to Rhino-Line the bottom part of the body, good luck getting that stuff off. The rear wing needs to be sanded & cleaned up, it’s rough on the leading edge, is high on one side, and looks like it was mocked up with 2x4s. In fact, the whole rear body section looks that way. Windows don’t fit new body very well. Finish or use for parts, I’m tired of looking at it and want it off my property. $1000 tows it home.


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