Big things with little cars

BaDT - British Edition

For sale - 1958 MGA. Pristine original car kept in original shipping container since new. Very low miles, runs and drives like a new car. Early metal wheel model, original finishes, no excuses. Rare opportunity, they are only original once.


Sold as a package with 1958 Hillman Minx - also a low mileage original car with original paper and paint. Later run plastic wheel model for modern style driving. Car runs and drives like new, strong engine, will easily pull a trailer, at a leisurely pace.


Buy the pair for $40000, will include sturdy original 1955 Atlantic trailer at no extra cost.


Cars can be boxed and shipped worldwide via carrier of your choice.

(now I think I might be out of trailers, might have to re-use them if I do this again)

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