Parkland County loves their garage sales. This is something I found out after moving here. They love them so much, they publish a map weekly in the local newspaper of all the garage sales in the area. At the end of the summer, the town of Stony Plain hosts a large outdoor garage sale in their city-center. There are definitely benefits to ‘going rural’ as I call it; moving from a large urban center to a quieter town.

The problem with a lot of garage sales these days is the purveyors frequently forget what makes a garage sale a garage sale. You’re not trying to make a tidy profit, you’re trying to get rid of things for pennies on the dollar. As I sifted through buckets and passed up the tables where collectors tried to hawk non-carded and edge-worn 80’s HWs for $20 each, I found a few treasures for a couple of quarters.

Let’s start with the hoodless wonder, a Turbo Heater circa ‘84 or ‘85. According to the HW Wiki, these cars were only made until ‘86 in about 5 different variations, so this one is a rarity. Not sure how I’m going to fabricate a hood during my extensive restoration of this one, but I’m sure I’ll find a way (suggestions welcome). Continuing clockwise, my crafty mom-in-law found this Bronco in fantastic shape. The tampos are so good, it makes me feel bad that I sort of want to pull it apart and make it custom. I guess we’ll see. The Merc and Charger were purchased to donate their RR wheels. They’re also both good in terms of paint and wear. They’re both really narrow castings, so I’m not sure if in the end they’ll be suitable to provide their wheels and axles to a future project (suggestions welcome, once again). Finally, a 500SL. I got excited about this one after I had been reading up on Mattel’s acquisition of Corgy.

Welp, I’d love to hear what you guys think.