Yet another wheelswap, yet again the MBX 7sps.

I have a massive ‘thang’ for the 7sps. They fit virtually any 4x4 casting with adequate ground clearance. It fits most castings perfectly (as similarly chunky alloys are present in virtually all 4x4 option packages). The latest victim in the craze is the ‘15 F150's 2018 release.

The casting in itself, and this execution is butch, laid back and classy.


Aaaand it’s time to sign out of 2017. What an year it was in terms of this hobby; so many new acquisitions (went full throttle in the latter half of the year), so many new people met (including the incredible LaLD gang), and of course got the chance to be an author for LaLD! Woot! Here’s to a wonderful 2018 for all the LaLDers!


Thanks for stopping by! Happy new year!