If you know me, you know that I adore the Alfa Romeo Giulia. I was probably one of the first of Oppokind to drive and review one, and it was an event which has stuck with me since. I yearn for the day they hit the used market so I can pick one for cheap (I don’t care about the apparent reliability issues). So, naturally, I waited patiently to see who would be the first to drop a model for my collection. There was a 1/18 Giulia Quadrifoglio on the market, but it was upwards of 200 dollars, way out of my budget. But, thankfully Bburago came to the rescue with this 1/24 Giulia Ti model...and I immediately snapped it up.

So, what are we dealing with here. This is obviously a representation of the “midlevel” Giulia Ti, possibly in the Lusso trim going by the wheels. It’s finished off in gorgeous Rosso Competizione Tri-Coat, and Montecarlo Blue Metallic is also available (though it was sold out when I bought mine).

The model itself is a perfect recreation of the real car. I’ve seen these very many times, whether at the dealership or on the road, so I have the proportions stuck in my mind, and everything seems pretty accurate with the shapes and sizes here. Bburago has come a long way in that department, they used to be laughably bad in some areas of accurate modeling, but they definitely are a proper option in the 1/24 market nowadays.


Where Bburago kind of falls short is with quality. It isn’t terrible, per se, but there are some panel gaps which could be fixed for sure. Just look at the line in front of the front doors. Materials are okay, though, not the best, but I’ve certainly seen worse.


Bburago’s detailing has also gotten better. I have an old Range Rover cast from them (I’ve shared it on here before as well), and the details you’d find on this model aren’t shared there. Lights are a clear plastic, adding to the effect. Logos are properly painted, and even the interior isn’t half bad.

That engine casting is perfect, I just had to share it.


Honestly, for what is the first cast for this size of a much loved car, I’m pretty satisfied. It gets all the notes right, and where it falls short is made up by other aspects. It makes a fine addition to my collection for sure, and I hope I get some more Giulia models to collect soon enough...maybe I can get my hands on that 1/18 Quadrifoglio someday.