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Yes, it’s time for another Bburago review.

After the Range Rover P38 and Alfa Romeo Giulia review providing a mixed bag, I think I’ve solidified Bburago as a favorite diecast brand in my eyes. They do a lot of casts of cars that I want to collect, and while the quality isn’t the best in the market, they do know what they’re doing nowadays, compared to their older days. So, expect a lot more in the coming times, especially now that they’ve got a Levante cast coming.


But, back on topic. Within the last few years, Bburago seemingly swept in and grabbed the Ferrari diecast license from under Mattel’s feet, who had kept a tight lock on it for the past 15 or so years. I’d owned some of the larger Mattel Hot Wheels casts in my lifetime, in fact I still have a 1/18 Enzo from them, and despite my reckless nature with it, it’s held up pretty well over the years. Nevertheless, here we are with an example of what Bburago’s doing with the license, and I’ve got to say...if you want to collect Bburago, this is what you should go for.

Besides my two Welly 1/24 casts, this is honestly one of the best 1/24 models I own. I think Bburago is really trying to up the ante with the Ferrari line and are trying to make this their flagship line, and they’re trying to prove it with casts like this. Comparing this to older casts and even newer ones like the Giulia, apart from a few areas like the door seams, it’s pretty top notch stuff.


Adding to all of this is the fact that I think that this is a great Ferrari model to have a diecast of. Love or hate the current Ferrari design language, I think this is one of the better-looking examples, and a proper diecast only adds to the effect. I’ll gladly cherish this model and add it to the Italian collection.


So yeah, all in all, I’m pretty happy with where Bburago is going with this Ferrari deal. It’s nice to have a company carry on the legacy that Mattel started with those gorgeous 1/18 and 1/18 Elite models, one of which I may be featuring soon. Otherwise, I’ll appreciate this F12 and it’s good detailing.

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