Bburago/Maisto Bugatti Chiron Hack (kinda of but not really)

Shout out to Howard for getting me a couple models at costco while he was there. I’ll let him share the hawl that he got.

Furthermore, this post is to question this specific model, the Bugatti Chiron. Howard had questioned if the engine cover could open since everything else opens. I was certain that it couldn’t as I had tug on the cover and it didn’t budge. After a little google searching I saw a couple pictures with the engine cover open. Couple seconds later the model is already taken apart and this is what is underneath.


Like come on, really? At first we thought they just didn’t add it in due to cost and the pictures were a pre production model but there are clearly dog leg hinges! Not sure if certain shipments are different but in this case they just blocked off the cover with tabs so it can’t open.


Out with the dremel and bye bye excess metal.


And now the engine cover opens! I thought it was a weird and funny discovery. Has there been any past models or brands that have done this? I would like to hear from others if there has been as I’m pretty sure this could be old news. Overall a great model from Bburago/Maisto nonetheless.

Sorry for the iPotato photos.

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