Before restrictor plates became a way to slow cars down on the super speedways, the European racing organizations came up with their own little way of doing the same thing.
If you were caught cheating, you were forced to swap your exhaust headers, from one side to another, to act upon the forward force created by the gas pedal.
The faster you tried to go, the more exhaust gasses were slowing you down.
Summer Racing Car...maybe

I assume that this is some kind of trading-the-molds-around-again, to the various “Summer” factories kind of deal. The base, near what’s left of the number, is kind of smeared between two patches of textured plastic.
They cut off whatever was in front of the 681RacingCar line...
isn’t it usually an “S?”

Rain tires...?


I thought of saving this for the day of the Car Week white castings, but I think I can do better.
I’m just getting itchy, I’m house bound again, with over a foot of snow waiting for me in the morning, and I posted this as therapy.

So, bill me...