After a little more than 30 years that I had my little cars collection, I´ve decided to start to collect them again. The models of that time were different from those of today, for that reason and many others may not be the same experience logically, but I still have a taste for small cars and I think it will be a magnificent attempt to resume a hobby of my childhood but with a greater maturity. I still have very few models, but I will increase them and as I do I will publish them, hoping to honor me with their comments, advice and opinions about it.

This is the very first model with which I started my new collection.From the Hot Wheels Marvel Character Cars, this is the car number 2 from this collection, Captain America. Released to the public in 2014, I bought this model about 5 months ago.

I think I bought this model because its lines reminds me the sports cars I saw in my childhood, as for example Mustang Mach1, Valiant Duster Super Bee, Chevelle SS, Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang Boss 302, to mention some.


Not to mention some 70´s Matchbox models as Piston Popper.

For me, this is a very heavy and Powerful car, so I decided go for it and thanks God now I have it. :)


The only thing that can be seen as an advantage or disadvantage according to the perspective you look at, is that I will not play with the little cars like when I was a child, since my adult perspective is to keep the models in good condition


But who knows, you never stop being a child inside, so, maybe, suddenly, they all face a great race on a track on the floor of my house ...