Being judgy....

Well today I had a day off and went on a trawl, at one place a guy was going through the hot wheels and putting them away, saw that one was the new Ford pickup so I picked it up to look at it..... He (rightly) asks what I am doing he was going to buy it (along with quite a few others).....oh dear,  point out he already has one in his hands. He (quite rightly) asks if it’s any of my business how many he buys. Things were starting to get fraught.... I slid it back, and finished with statement around hoping it his eBay auction goes well!......

Upto this point it’s probably fair to say it was neither of ours finest hours.....

He then asks, “are you a collector, a proper collector.....”

He did the classy thing, let me keep the ford and we had a decent chat and ended with me apologising for being a sick and both wishing a merry Christmas to each other.


Sometimes that scalpel isn’t, it just another collector annoyed with scalpers!

So If that was you in  reading morrisons today,merry Christmas and I am a collector!


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