Big things with little cars

"Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose."

Recently, I spoke about how I was going to start collecting some race car models to fill out my collection, beginning with the 1/18 GM Goodwrench NASCAR Monte Carlo driven by my all time favorite driver, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. I figured it only necessary to follow up my favorite driver from NASCAR with one of my many favorites from Formula 1, settling on the one and the only Ayrton Senna. That’s why an IXO 1/43 1988 McLaren MP4/4 sits before you today, finished in the iconic Not-Marlboro livery.


You might have noticed a pattern here with my supposed “favorite drivers” from each sport, that being that I have a thing for drivers that died doing what they loved. That’s not 100% true: I love drivers who shared a real passion for their sport, the ones that pushed to strive for victory in each race which always gave them a consciousness above the rest of the pack. It just so happened that these drivers all tragically met foul ends during said sport, which only added to their overall legends. But, if you still find some issue with my reasoning, my all time favorite driver only passed away relatively recently, and the cause was sadly nothing related to F1.

Needless to say, I’m very happy with this model. It was the most budget-oriented 1/43 Senna car I could find (because budget models are obviously my shtick here), and despite it, overall quality and detailing is great. I especially love the tiny 1/43 Senna sitting in the cockpit, meaning that it always looks mid-race even when it’s standing still. If you’re looking for a little Senna of your own, many different companies have produced his cars in many a scale, with Minichamps and IXO seemingly taking up the bulk of it. This particular one was about $30 shipped from France.


There’s something about the aura of a model driven by a legendary driver such as this, something that makes you feel blessed. It’s like owning a piece of art painted by one of the Renaissance greats, or watching one of the best movies of all time. That’s what I love about collecting these race car proves as an assured sign of greatness and pure love for the hobby, and I highly doubt this will be the last Senna car I get.

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