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Belated Birthday Hawls + 50th Favs Update

I’m 40. Oh geez. Look at that stupid number. So stupid. Stupid pointy 4 and dopey round 0. I hate you both.

It’s been a weird one, since I think I pulled something in my sacroiliac joint a week ago and I’ve been in nonstop pain ever since. Further, this put all my projects on hold, since until this afternoon I couldn’t even really sit comfortably in a chair for longer than 10 minutes.

So boy was I was thrilled when a couple of hawls came in.

First, from Plasticprints:


I was a bit short on Hakos, and I wanted another EF since they are great customs food (and I kind of mucked up my first). Got the new Type R just so it wouldn’t be separated from its sibling. I’ve got a bit of a thing for Camaros now so I grabbed the Copo. However, I distinctly remember telling PP that I was passing on the green one. If you want it back, let me know. Lastly, while I wait for my Circuit Legends 962, I’m thrilled to finally score a nice car in the black Advan livery. Definitely a must for a Z freak like me.

Now let’s turn to Dek, who’s been my cat’s paw in the happy hunting grounds near him. He’s turning into Red from Shawshank Redemption. He’s a man who can get you things. So here are the things:

So, interestingly, the Tesla is for my wife. No, she is not a collector. But she’s gotten totally sucked into the ongoing Tesla drama. It’s her sports and soap opera all rolled into one. And since we used to ironically own an Enron mug, I figured a few tiny Teslas would be a good souvenir of this wild time in the history of the tech industry.

After that, it was finally time to get a nice BRE 510, another Hako (they are so cool) and yet another Z. I enjoy all my Zs, particularly my red custom, but none of them quite scream 70s and 80s to me. This one, with its gold paint and window louvers, just hits the perfect nostalgic note from my childhood.


Lastly, a word on the Galaxie:


It’s no secret that Mattel, and all these companies, are masters of manipulating our inherent need to complete things. But it’s a set! Sets belong together! I’ve unbalanced the universe! Thanos! Come save us!

But you know what? Other than the JH2s, which I bought in my impetuous early days, I haven’t completed any other car culture sets. I have 1 JH1, 1 Race Day, 3 Modern Classics, 2 Euro Speeds, and that’s fine. The world didn’t end. I still feel pretty good, Mr. Stark.


So after some careful consideration, I’m stopping my hunt for the 50s right here. I am pleased to say I found all of the first 5 on the pegs myself. And that’s really how this *should* go. See something, decide. Shouldn’t have to plan these things like bank heists.

So that’s how I’m gonna play this. No desperate hunting for the other 4, which as of now just don’t ring my bell at all. Completionism is how you wind up with that butt-ugly Econoline. There, I said it!


Thanks again, guys!

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