Do I need to post every time I make a decent score? Is it becoming an obligation? We’ll see. But I finally had some time this morning to do a writeup.

Since I waited too long, The Unboxer got to all the cars I let her open. But here they are:

When it comes to coveted mainlines, I often pounce too early (and for too much money.) But when Dek34 found the 300ZX for $3, I decided that 3 was less than 5 and I went for it. Glad I did. Have still never seen that handsome devil in the wild. The Advan NSX was a no-brainer. I’m a Honda fan, it has the foxy new wheels, and one of my favorite liveries.

Then, of course, the two Italian cars made by the Japanese. I’ve got a decent little Group B Rally Heroes mini collection going so an Alitalia Lancia was a gimme. And I’m really digging the Tomica Premium Testarossa. It has a tan interior! What more do you want?

A few of these are staying carded for now.


The Tyrell (and how nice is it to finally have one in the correct livery?) is staying carded until my big pit lane project is done. I think I’ll keep the Ford carded forever. Something about the oversized graphic and the poo makes for a funny combination.

Then there’s the fact that I just joined the RLC, after deeply regretting not doing so last time around. The black Camaro hasn’t arrived yet, but now that my Overton Window of diecast spending has moved, I thought I’d plunk down on a (relatively) cheap RLC car on eBay. Much to my delight, I found a Hot Bird... my original favorite cast.


Ah, but maybe you’ve noticed... this one’s loose. Yes, I found a loose one for a decent price, so I got it. I want to see if RLC cars really pop when you pop them out.

Ooof. This ticks so many of my boxes. Hot Bird, Spectraflame, Retro brown with a stripe. Ooh Madonn...


Stop! My eyes! Outrun-style taillights and the classic California Blue license plate. There’s a great meme’d line from Krieger on Archer I could use right now but I’m told this is a family blog.


Lastly, I started doing light therapy at home since the incessant grey skies are getting to me. Turns out it makes for a decent secondary light source.