I’m starting this post with a HUGE thank you to my secret super follow by an equally proportion apology for having this post out so late.

The reason for my tardiness is because I got packages from two different secret santas, one very secret and the other… not so much. The package on the right took the longest to arrive and I was waiting its arrival to do an unveiling of them all.

Enough waiting, time to unwrap these presents.

Starting with the true secret super who really wanted to remain anonymous, so much so that not two packages out of total of three came from the same sender or mailing address.


I never could find the V8 Interceptor in the wild and my secret super fulfilled it in the form of the hobby shop exclusive set with a Ford F350 ramp truck as a bonus.

The next package stars the Dodge Power Wagon. I honestly like the front fascia of the 2016 model more than the facelifted 2017 model. Its less brash and just a more handsome truck compare to the updated model.


The last package from my secret super has got to be the most surprising one as its a car I wanted for years and was amazed to discover my secret super found one.

Here are a few hints:

It’s one of the three German cars in the series.

It’s the craziest one out of those three.


Give up?

Now to the second “secret” super which I got from Japan specifically HLJ.com where I got a Team of Italian stallions. The biggest difference here is this one comes with food.


One of the many things Japan is known for is there crazy variety of Kit Kats. We only get the regular milk chocolate Kit Kats here in the states in various sizes. In Japan, you can get cheesecake, Fuji Apple, Orange, Strawberry and even wasabi flavored Kit Kats. This one is “matcha” or green tea.


I actually bought some strawberry ones at Narita airport when I had a layover in Tokyo, Japan a year ago and they’re super good.

The matcha one is...


Nevermind. Actually, the best way for me to describe it is as if they made a Kit Kat solely for adults. It’s not super sweet, but really enjoyable.

Back to the cars, this is the first time I ever purchased a 4 car set from Tomica. Over the years many looked tempting like the Nissan GT-R and the Lamborghini sets but I never pulled the trigger on them. When I saw the Ferrari set with one particular car that really set my heart racing, I never typed in my credit card number in so quick.


All of these will get their individual write-ups soon including a few that were left out from 2018.

Here’s a little taste of what to expect:


Once again I can’t thank my secret super enough. The car will get the showcase they deserve.