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(Best) 4x4 (x far) Friday - Different Defenders

My obsession with the late off roader should not be a new thing for the LaLDers xD. It only makes sense that I compare a few I have (those approaching 1/64 scale).

The cars in question - Matchbox Globe Travellers’ 110, Matchbox Land Rover set’s 110, and the Majorette’s recent 110.


The two MBX represent two different castings of the same car, the Globe Travellers set rehashed the earliest version, with all - metal body and roof. The Land Rover set used the last iteration of the casting, with lowered roofrack, window line and a plastic roof.

It is easy to set aside the LR set 110 from the competition. The cost cutting measures have almost ruined the casting. I am no fan of the roof rack, but shortening it to a comical level has not done this casting many favors.


The competition (at least for me) is between the Globe Travelers 110 and the Majorette 110. It is tough to call which one though. Proportionally, the MBX has a better build.

Let’s consider the Cararama 1/43 as a benchmark.

MBX (almost) got the proportions spot on here. The Majorette on the other hand, not quite.


The front window gives out the slightly skewed proportions up. Apart from that, the width also gives MBX an edge over the Majorette. Cannot really compare the ride height (where the MBX wins again) since the Majorette is on new MBX shoes lol. Where the Majorette shines though is the level of detail in it.

That Majorette front thumps MBX fair and square

And so, it is a close call. Both makes have their ups and downs, but kudos to them, for making affordable replicas of the beloved off - roader. Overall though, the MBX first edition casting edges out the Majorette, ever so slightly in my opinion.


How do they compare in your view?

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend ahead! 

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