Sure, fine. Here’s my top 5.

3 out of 5 are Mclarens. I feel no shame.

Still love the blatant 80s-ness of the R30, and those rims help. One just like this was on sale in the states not long ago for under 10K. I almos made some major life choices.

The Bone Shaker is my favorite in-house design from Hotwheels, it just needed some proper rims to match. These silver 5-spokes with the redlines couldn’t be more perfect.


The first of my totally-not-bias top 3 is one of two that was months in the making with two other awesome LaLDrs involved. I annoyingly can’t remember if it was Nate or Marcus that did the awesome paint on this.....


This one though I can take full credit for. HW re-introducing the plastic spoiler F1 GTR in a proper orange made bringing the F1 LM to life possible. If only they kept using this casting in the first place instead of the one with the metal wing.

Finally we have the other custom collaboration that took forever to come together. Nate and Marcus again proved that they are *the best* by bringing one of the best cars ever to 1/64th scale.