I’ve been waiting for this model for about a year now. Pillarless Coupe shared pics of this model lacking white wall tires and I knew it would be a must have. Diecast Society reshared it at the beginning of the year with white striped tires and I began checking weekly. Of course the week of my townhouse closing American Excellence had it front and center on their newest releases. Against better judgement, I bought it anyway. And it sat in its box packed up until earlier in the week. I am so happy to have this dang wagon, it is extremely well done. My normal complaint about BoS windows being untextured and lacking in detail wasn’t present as they put plastic trim around the windows (as opposed to a little sticker outlining the window)


Sealed resin as per BoS usual but where else will you get a malaise, wood grained wagon in the proper 1/18 scale?