Hawled in some new 1:18's thanks to my fellow LaLDers who helped me clean out my Hot Wheels collection.

First we have this Mazda Cosmo from Triple 9 collection. It’s a sealed diecast model, but cost about half of what an AutoArt would.

Next to support my resin fetish, an Otto Supra! Now I can stop hunting for those ridiculously priced Kyoshos on eBay.


Then I addressed the severe lack of 911 in my collection with the newly released Norev 930 in black and the classic white on red Carrera RS! I need a closer look at the 930 and it’s infamous waytoobig tire syndrome. I’ve already secured a cheap Maisto Speedster to do the popular wheelswap.

Stay tuned for more hawlage! February was a good month...

Also, I’ve still got a bunch of Hot Wheels left if anyone is interested