Big things with little cars

My newest custom on the work bench is a 69 Camaro that will be modeled after the Big Red Camaro, the baddest steel bodied Camaro in existence, (check out the details here

Here are a few their records and accomplishments:

197.99 average speed in the Silver State Classic Challenge in 1989

3:29.99 in the Virginia City Hillclimb

266.2 mph at the Mojave Magnum in 2017

11:08.857 up Pikes Peak Hillclimb in 2017

258.596 at Bonneville setting record in AA/CBFALT in 2018

A couple weeks ago I posted on IG (cars4marc) that I was working on my own custom Big Red in their “top speed” flying mile setup. The Big Red guys got wind of it and asked me to build one for them too, so the ante just went up a whole bunch on these customs. There is going to be a good deal of one-off stuff like spoilers and splitters for these builds. I am going to try my hand at making custom decals for all events that the car has run in over the years.


Below is the first step of many on these builds. Getting the stance right was the tough but they’re done and they roll free. Next up is sorting out the bodywork and getting the aero bits put together.

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