So I bought the Beatles Yellow Submarine six car set because I’m a fan of the Beatles and the card art is excellent. But when I got them home, I noticed something about the Blue Meanie Kool Kombi.

Sure enough, I found an error.

That front wheel is tucked. Dang it. So I went and picked up another one and figured, I’d just DLM this one and untuck the wheel. That was when I realized the true extent of this error.


Yeah, that inside front wheel is warped and the wheel well runner, or whatever you call it, is chewed and chromed over. The rear one is messed up as well and missing chrome. Wheel errors are one thing but man, what a mess. Guess this one will be eligible for a future wheel swap if I don’t sell it for thousands of dollars. :)

Thanks for looking and keep an eye out for those errors. Mattel seems to have hired some of M2s quality control specialists so errors are becoming much more common lately.