I was flipping through an issue of Motor Trend when I cam across this add for a 1/18 2014 Corvette. The model doesn’t look too fancy, especially to be featured with such a lofty headline. Upon closer inspection of the fine print, my initial thought is confirmed...

It’s a Maisto. Dont get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against Maisto’s 1/18s. In fact, I own quite a few of them myself. What does bother me is the price. If you’re sipping on a beverage, I suggest you swallow prior to viewing this next image to avoid dousing your computer screen.




Drinks down? Ok, let’s proceed.


That’s right folks. This lovely company wants to charge you $80 for a car you can pick up at Costco or Sam’s each holiday season for $14. But wait! There’s more!

Let’s go ahead and tac on an extra $20 for shipping. Because they obviously didn’t overcharge you enough to give you free shipping. So, who wants to pay $100 for a Maisto?