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Birthday 1:1 HAWL - First car!!!!

Woooooooooooo!!! The title is exactly what happened, me and my fiancée just bought our first car, a 1998 Volkswagen Parati Club, in dark metallic blue. In the excitement, I didn’t took any photos (yet), but it’s exactly like this one:

Only the wheels are different. In this photo, they’re Orbitals Mk.1, while ours have Orbitals Mk.2 (but in a much better looking 14" size, instead of the 17" like this dude put on his Gol)


Not only the Parati is a three door small wagon (with just a stretch over 4m long), this is a Parati Club, a limited run of 4000 units. It’s complete with everything: Hydraulic steering, a/c, electric windows, etc etc etc. This may seem trivialities today, but in 1998 and on an entry level car (since the Parati was a wagon based on the Gol, the entry-level VW), this full set isn’t common.

Even better, it’s already converted to run in natural gas! Here in Brazil the gasoline is very, very bad, and overwhelmingly expensive. Where I live it costs almost R$4 per liter, and since 1 gallon has 3.785 liters, it sums up to $4.86 USD per gallon. And that’s for a “gasoline” with 27% of its content of pure ethanol, which slashes the mileage.

Since I’ll be driving a lot each day, to run with natural gas making 13 or 14 kilometers with R$1.89 per cubic meter is waaaaay better than getting 8 or 9 kilometers per liter of R$4 gasoline.


I’m so excited!

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