So I went out to dinner with my parents and my brother today, for my brother and I's birthday. And after I took on this insane bacon burger, i walked over and saw they had some 1/36 scale Kinsmart cars on display. And after doing some digging, I found this beautiful thing. It’s a 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. It was just gleaming. So I took it home and snapped some photos.

For its size, it’s pretty cool and well done.

Usually these casting’s are kinda weirdly shaped and only slightly resemble the real thing. This car isnt one of them.

For its scale, it has a few little details I appreciate. I really dig the taillight detail.


I usually don’t get cars of this scale, but this one would of hurt if I walked away from it.


The interior detail isn’t Auto Art caliber or anything, but it is still pretty impressive for the brand and scale.

But I’m pretty happy finding this, this is going to be on my desk in my room. It deserves it!


Thanks for the read! I have a awesome post planned for tomorrow. I got 1/18th car today as a gift, and it’s going to put a smile on a few of your faces. So look out for that!

Thanks again! 90s Casualty