Big things with little cars

I’m sure we all have certain items we have in a list that make us all giddy whenever we look at them. Well there was an item I’ve probably been searching for for just over a year now and last month this item finally popped up on the EBays. I was extremely excited. Like I lost my breath excited.

Unfortunately at that time the funds were not available so I sadly ticked it away to my watch list. Well... today I got an email from EBay saying the item had been relisted as it hadn’t sold over that period of time. I took this as an excuse to immediately buy it as a gift for my birthday at the end of this month. The item is coming from Russia, so it should probably be here by around that time anyways.

Moral of the story... I am STOKED about this guy as it’s the only one I’ve ever seen and it’s an amazing casting as well.


So, as a teaser I leave you with this. I expect by the end of the day someone will definitely pinpoint what it is. Oh and btw, the diecast has the same paint job, which was a huge selling point.

Happy hunting!

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