Big things with little cars
The percentage means something else, dummy.

I actually found what I was looking for. Mostly.

Couldn’t help but place the product. It fits thematically, though.

See, see, I was supposed to buy more than one Tomica that day: the R8 up there, the AMG-R, and the new GT. I found both the R8 and GT, but not the AMG, so I passed up on the GT and just took the R8. Let me explain.

See, the car with the higher priority for me, after the R8, is the AMG, to complete my RBG set, and this was before wanclick made the Ford GT comparison post. The R8 was a no-brainer; I took it the moment I saw it. But I hesitated with the GT because I can’t decide between the silver and the blue, and when I saw no AMG I held it some more. The newer Tomica, like this R8, costs Php230. That’s Php460 if I go all-in with the R8+NuGT. Not sustainable on a small budget.

After watching the Petrolicious video, I had to hunt the silver NSX. I actually got it, which is a nice change of pace.

These I’m happier with. I found the Huayra at the same place I made the haul of my life—literally in front of the pegs, and it was the only one there. What’s remarkable is that there are more of this in other stalls in other malls, which is surprising, and could mean a few things: (1) the Huayra was a pegwarmer in the big malls, hence the surplus, or (2) it was past stock. Either way, I actually have my Best Mainline 2017 nominee. And I was satisfied.


The NSX I found somewhere else by sheer luck and the RS01 I took merely because I seriously need to get one before they disappear, even if it’s not the version I want. I could probably arrange a trade to get the grey one.

I also bought a Maisto F-350 work truck. No idea why.

Overall I had a very fruitful birthday run, even if it’s a bit muddied by the lack of green in the lineup. Totally worth it for the Huayra alone, though.

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