Hi guys, my birthday was actually in May, but it was in the week break I had between exams, so I didn’t have time to compose a post. All these models came from a seller in London, who my father and I have become friends with, so we can check what new stock he has got. I prefer buying from physical traders, as you don’t have to pay postage, as can inspect the models yourself. This is all the stuff I got from him the latest time I went to see him.

Mint Solido M1 with box

Super rare Solido 3.0 CSL which I’ve already done a post about

BMW dealer edition Z8 from Minichamps


BMW dealer edition Z3 M Roadster from Minichamps

BMW dealer edition Z3 2.8


BMW dealer edition E46 M3. The guy bought this model when he purchased a new M3 in 2004, so was a bit reluctant to let it to, but I persuaded him!

Two really nice Siku’s. A gold 280 GE and a silver 280 SL.


UT Models Z3. The box is a bit worn, but the model is mint.

Corgi Can-Am Porsche 917-10


Corgi Porsche 956

Matchbox Mercedes - Benz 540K


Opening rear seats, how cool is that?!

Matchbox 308 GTB and Iso Grifo


Shell 007 Z3

That concludes the haul, I’ll be sure to visit this guy again, and share what I pick up with you guys. Thanks for reading!