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Black Friday Beginnings

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a meaningful and fun Thanksgiving. As I am still crippled fron fullness I bring to you the 2017 Brad Keselowski Cheers 2 Dale Talladega win Fusion. This paint scheme was a tribute to Dale Jr as that was his last race at Talladega. Jr also gave BK a big break in th Busch series in 2005 or 6. This car is insanley overpriced on eBay and even my favorite seller is pricing it as “hard to find,” which not entirely false. This one went quick. I contemplated just splurging and ended up waiting because I wanted to at least try and find it for retail. Team Penske Store is the MVP for this car with the bonus of free shipping right now. Thank you for bareing with me as I’m not quite sure If I will free it from the stand. Have a great Black Friday LaLD. Happy diecast hunting.

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