Hi LaLD. Hope the deals were as good for you as they were here. The first impulsive buy my wife would kill me for (luckily im not married) is the 2018 Kyle Larson Clover/First Data Color Chrome. It came out the day before Thanksgiving. With the help of my favorite seller and an eBay code, I acted, however. There is a car coming I impulsivly bought two days later that I should have just got with this one. Anyway... 1 learn a day, right?

I tried two different light settings because of how the colors sort of change. It looks almost liquid color (semi metallic) in the darker setting.


The camera flash really made that purple stand out. It reminds me of those wacky paint jobs people used to do in the 60's. Forgot what it was called, but a Corvette painted purple and green popped up in one of Mr. RCRโ€™s videos of him at Corvettes at Carlisle I believe. Anyway... this one is 1 of 37. So it had to happen. Have a great Saturday everyone.

22wbt22 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž