Like mice at the beginning of winter, you think you got rid of them all, and they start popping up all over the place.

Back row: Hot Wheels Racing Rig from the Planet Micro series, so, technically, not an MM, just one of those ones that hang out at the back, photo-bombing the actual subjects...
Next row: Woodie wagon w/boards, โ€˜40 Ford, โ€˜32 Ford Chopped (The MM version of Midnite Otto), โ€˜36 Ford cabrio w/working rumble seat.
Front row: โ€˜41 Willys Coupe, โ€˜50s Triumph TR2, โ€˜60s Jaguar XKE Cabrio, which is somehow smaller than the TR2?
And a wooden VW piece that ran in front while I was taking the photo.
All of these will eventually make it onto my for trades/sale page,
except the VW.