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BMW M6 by Paragon

I’m trying my best not to collect many random 1:18s due to a huge project I’m currently undergoing with 1:18s, but sometimes you just can’t pass a good deal up. Recently BlueMazda2 hit me up with a source for high quality BMWs at a relatively good price, and when I found this Paragon M6 in San Marino Blue for $20 less than it was listed in other places, I couldn’t pass it up.


The F13 M6 is one of my all-time favorite BMWs. As a huge lover of the personal luxury coupe, I was glad to see that some brands were keeping the mantle alive while most others seemed fit to let it whither away and die. The new 8 Series may be above and beyond a better car, I find myself still looking back with lust for the F13 and its iconic, sensuous curves.

And if you, like me, love yourself some 6 Series goodness, you can’t go wrong with grabbing yourself one of these Paragon models. I was surprised to find such heft and quality for a model at this price range. Hell, I found it even more entertaining than the AutoArts I own, and that’s saying something considering how much I love the LC500.


The interior and engine are detailed as all hell, featuring soft felt floormats and accurate paint jobs. Having driven the real article before, it’s a job well done.


I honestly believe that Paragon is putting in the most work to keep BMW fans happy these days. They make nearly every modern model, and if they’re all of this high caliber quality, they’re probably the best out there next to the big guns of Kyosho and their 7 Series models. The Paragon M6 is a surprisingly good addition to the collection, and I’m, of course, ever so happy to have it.

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