Bobs Bug

Not diecast related, but I can’t stop from sharing. My father in-law passed away on Saturday and left his affairs in quite a mess.

We have acquired his pride and joy. A 68 or 69 VW beetle. He had just finished completely rebuilding the engine. His buddy Mike says that it’s done and just needs a battery put in. To say this vehicle has been loved is an understatement. Over the last 30+ years he has completely restored it. (Frame off). I wondered about the rear camber, but it appears to have new suspension on the rear that has never seen use.


The first thing I did when I saw that rear camber is open the rear to see if the engine was in there. Yes it is.

Along with the badass bug comes a souped up racing engine.


My wife wants to give the Galaxy to Bob’s best friend Mike.


The engine in the Galaxy is insanely souped up & was very close to being done.

I seriously can’t wait to get home and start building a 1:64 of Bob’s Bug.

I’m not looking for any “sorry for your loss” replies. Just wanted to share a rust free, very loved old car.


And give your dad a hug if you still can. 

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