Was at Ollie's Outlet the other day and decided to see if they had any HW cars. I was not disappointed.

This is a 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint, and a '56 Mercury (Montclair, ostensibly). Both are Boulevard series cars, which means they're metal bodies with metal bases, and have rubber Real Rider tires. Normally these cars fetch $5 each at big box stores. Ollie's had them for $1.59. They only had two Falcons and one '56 Mercury, so I scarfed them all up. And since toy cars were meant to be free, I immediately opened them up at home!

The '56 Merc has two tone scheme with base white and incredible metal flake pearl blue paint. A close-up of the roof:



The hood opens too, revealing the 312 cube Y-block V8 used in all 1956 Mercuries.


The '64 Falcon Sprint isn't quite as exciting to me as the Merc, but still a nice casting.

But on the way home I stopped at a Wally World, and found a Cool Classics C1 Corvette. And it is just beautiful.


The body style, the curves, the Spectrafrost paint, it all really comes together in this car. I could stare at it for hours.