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Bowlin' For Dollars

I’m the only one who gets that, so, moving on...
I took a shot at this bowl of diecast at the flea market, for some reason...? I’m getting dangerously close to buying whole buckets again...arrgghhh!
ahem, excuse me. The bowl in question:

SIKU Mercedes, Playart 914 (minus window), etc. visible. Seller wanted $30 for the lot. The guy behind me was making noises like he wanted to see, so I offered $20 based on what I could see and took the “prize?”
Separating the wheat from the chaff...


I’d seen two of the MBX SF 280Z casting ( I thought) while turning the bowl over in my hands, the Alive 55, a few others, but I didn’t know until I got it home and looked that the other “Z” was a Tomica Pantera.
So, the wheat:

Top row is donor vehicles except for that red thing on the left; that’s a Polfi Toys Space Car, made in Greece. Missing its canopy, but I have to get a close up of the guy at the controls before I decide where it goes. Promotional Yatming Trans Am missing its doors, and a couple of tire donors.
Next, an actual Palm Springs GMC Motorhome...woohoo? Still has enough of the tampo, but? I think the next one might be a Subaru, the MBX SF Datsun mentioned earlier, and another Stomper S-10.
Next, Corgi Juniors Ford Gran Torino missing a roof light(?), HWS Alive ‘55 w/1969 on the base, ‘75 “The Thing” Poison Pinto, and a ‘69 Chevelle for the kid down the block. He like the transparent ones...this week.
Front, SIKU Mercedes 500 SEC w/Made in W. Germany on the base. Hallmark Road Rovers mailbox truck thing; I have a small collection of these and the Wallace Beery clones, so it stays. Playart 914 needing new glazing, Tomica Pantera w/cracked windshield...bummer, and the MBX SF Ford Escort RS2000, with trailer hitch for those long vacation rallyes.
The chaff, so to speak:


Anything you want for parts or restoration? Free if you pay the S&H to your door. More of these “parts” cars to follow. Stay tuned...?


Oh Yeah...I got a new fish bowl too!

EDIT: I’d heard the Silhouettes series was at walmart while i was still in the flea thing, so I went over to check them out. It was a Porshowing...


I’ll see myself out personally...

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