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Brazilian Independence Day - September 7th

September 7th is Independence Day here in Brazil, so let’s have some Brazilian cars to celebrate :D

1973 Puma GTE
1962 VW Karmann-Ghia
1976 Chevrolet Opala SS
1979 Fiat 147
1981 Volkswagen Gol BX
1975 Volkswagen Brasília
FNM D-9500
An assembly of Chevrolet Veraneios, including the subscriber-only highway police, on the front
Gurgel family. From left to right, Gurgel Xavante, Gurgel Itaipú E-400, Gurgel Carajás, Gurgel X12-TR and Gurgel BR-800
1973 Volkswagen SP2
The squarey VW line. From left to right, VW Saveiro, VW Voyage, VW Parati (those two were exported to the US as the Fox and Fox Wagon) and VW Gol GTi
The legendary Volkswagen Gol GTi, in Monaco Blue with silver

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