Big things with little cars

Get your 510s and Zs ready. Because Greenlight is getting ready to introduce the perfect companion for them...


Hitch & Tow Series 15 is looking to be a really good one. Introducing two new trailer castings and the 2018 Dodge Durango.

The trailers are the new Bale Throw Wagon (hopefully this should work well with their upcoming tractor line, too) and the Aerovault MkII.

Here, we find the perfect companion for BRE Datsuns. The Aerovault is actually a BRE product, designed by Peter Brock himself back in 2008, the Greenlight casting is the new MKII version.

Aerodynamic and loaded, every one comes with standard equipment that’s optional on many other car trailers.


Now, you can have a diecast BRE trailer to go with your diecast BRE Datsuns.

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