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Bread Box Week: Finale!

It started a bit slow (two first days just a Bread Box by me) but Bread Box Week took off tremendously last Tuesday. Not sure how it’ll end up today but I saw two posts already so it will at least be three.


Thursday was definitely the most crowded day though with a solid 12 entries. Nice to see how the visualization of the amount of Bread Box Week posts seems to follow the profile of my French Bread Box of Friday. That is: If we don’t get a huge pile again today, then we’ll be just adding a spoiler Turbo 16-style.

The winner, if there is such a thing, is the VW Type 2 I guess. Or maybe the generic delivery truck, many of these came by last week. I was thinking how I could creatively close this week a bit by getting out an authentic Brabantia Bread Box but that proved to be hard to combine with these little casts. And a too small lightbox.


So that’s it for this week for me, I want to thank you all for making this an amazing week. Viva Live and Let Diecast, vive la Boîte de Pain! Merci! Let’s do it again some time. Or if anyone has a better idea: I like these week-themes so be my guest. Oh yes: This Trabi needs no further introduction I suppose...


Bon Week-End!

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