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Bread Box Week: Honda 1300 99S

In Japanese terms, would it be called Bento Box Week? I don’t know. But what I do know is to contribute to Bread Box Week with this air-cooled front-wheel drive Honda 1300 99s, courtesy of Tomica Limited Vintage.


Barely 4 meters in length, this was Honda’s biggest sedan when it was launched in 1969; its coupe sibling would become more well-known amongst JNC fan. Bearing the ‘99S’ emblem on its front fender, this car is powered by an air-cooled 1298CC engine which breaths through four carburetors to give it 115 PS (85 kW).

All that added engineering set the 99 series 1300 sedan at a higher price than its direct competitors, this problem was compounded by delays in its production caused by the decision of then company president, Soichiro Honda, to redesign the model. While plagued by these problems, Honda would later debut the Civic and Accord; lessons learned from the 1300 were invaluable.

The split grill design did not happen by accident, Honda-san owned a Pontiac Firebird back then and was fond of it. Perhaps the designers were aware of the company president’s fondness of the Pontiac.

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