I guess it’s still too early for one since I’m composing this at night but in some areas around the world it’s probably morning already or if you happen to read this the next day. So here are a couple of Greenlight that were DLMed that featured what else…


By Krispy Kreme

Let’s look at the International Durastar Box truck.

This truck looks so real that Greenlight did a good job. The lights at the front are separate pieces instead of painted on. The bars that attached the side mirrors might look a little thick but that’s ok as we want it to be strong enough to withstand a bit of abuse. The wheels are not generic but based on real trucks. My complain is a bit of quality issue on the front wheels as they tend to wobble when being rolled.

So is this just a static truck for display or did Greenlight added some moving features to it?


Well looks like the rear doors can be opened. I haven’t seen much of this kind of feature available on recently made die cast unless it’s vintage like Lesney made Matchbox. But wait there’s more.

By the way don’t you love the look of those donuts.


The walls inside are not just plain flat but has multiple squares which represent wood planks. It also has a metal ramp that you can pull out. A nice touch as you can put a figure with a dolly moving boxes in and out of the truck. Now here’s the problem with the metal ramp. It is difficult to pull it out that I need to unscrew the base (which I’m glad it came with screws) so I can removed the box and moved the ramp slightly out, screw the base back and pull it out completely. Then there’s also the problem of pulling it too much and you completely pull the ramp out of the truck as there is no stopper on the slot where the ramp slides.

Now let’s see how it looks with the double doors close.


As you can see it has detailed lock latches and painted rear lights on the box. However when the doors are close they are not perfectly flush so I have to carefully close it till they are nearly flush. Also there is nothing to hold the door from opening when the truck is moving.

Now the next one is a Krispy Kreme theme Hitch and Tow.

Let’s start with the food concession trailer. It is detailed as well with the Krispy Kreme logo and nice silver trim. It is made of plastic with metal base and as you can see it has some working features as well.


Both window covers open to reveal a couple of glass window where people can order their donuts. It’s hard to see inside as it is kind of dark but I believe it is just empty walls. Since it is made of plastic, use extra care when opening the covers as these could easily break. Not recommend for rough kids. The wheels roll without much wobbly. This also comes with a trailer jack that you screw at the front. I tried to screw it in but is quite difficult so I manage to screw it only half way and did not force it to avoid damaging it. It is pulled by a chevy C10 which has no working parts and I would have indicated no quality issues until I finish taking the pictures and when I lifted it up the hitch fell off and I have to glue it. Oh well….


So there you have it. A pair of nice looking Krispy Kreme theme models with some minor quality issues but good enough to be displayed. Excuse me but I think I need to get some donuts.