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Breaking News: Ottomobile to take my money early 2019

Ottomobile posted their January and February Pre-orders, and there are already off to a strong New Year!


The Jeep is the most tempting in January’s batch, but it doesn’t have the legendary 4.0! How? Why?!

February is where it’s at. The Audi RS2 makes a return in a sinister black paint job. It’s actually an RS2, too, hopefully the folks at Matchbox take note...

The iconic Norgaro blue model debuted way back in November of 2012, a few years before I got serious about collecting again. I love my children too much to sell one off to buy a blue RS2 secondhand. I’ll be jumping on the black preorder for sure.


The second intriguing model is the Mines R34. I’ve yet to get this ‘zilla on my shelf, so why not get one that’s special? (Because there weren’t any special edition or tuned R34’s, right?). I think this one was in Forza 2, so there’s a little nostalgia play there.

Hopefully I’ll be out of my Diecast Christmas coma in time to decide!

Photos sourced from Ottomobile ‘s news letter

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