Big things with little cars

BRG (times two)

I have unboxed (read: released from captivity) another Lotus from my 18-car Kyosho set. And following on from my first car, this time it will be another Evora GTC, but this time it’ll be the BRG one (British Racing Green for those who are uninitiated). I dunno about you guys, but British cars look even better in BRG. What do you guys think? :)

I’ve also added the Lotus Evora (roadcar) from the recent Matchbox Exotics 5-pack to complement the racing version. And without further ado, I’ll let the pics do the talking...

Here’s the packaging for the Lotus. Let’s have a look at its contents...
She’s free at last! :D
A little help from my Friend Mr. Screw Driver and this beauty is completely free...
And here the Kyosho model meets the road going cousin made by Matchbox. Both in British racing green... Just how I like my British cars!

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