Big things with little cars

British Racing Tuesday

I guess I never really updated on you all on this project. Shes been done for a while, sitting pretty on display in my living room. I love how this came out, the green is perfect, the details came out well (as long as I don’t zoom to closely haha).

This car was stripped, wing and front splitter removed, fender vent smoothed, front filled and smoothed, and the exhausts are “aftermarket” haha. I did miss some detail though, most noticeably the front bumper isn’t rained in the middle, I will correct this on V.2, which I would love to do again soon. (If I can find another set of these wheels)


I at least got the exposure a little more dialed this time. Planning on doing some learning this weekend. Also, its crazy how much dust stays on these little cars when getting in tight with the camera haha.

Thanks for looking guys, this one may be my favorite.

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