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Bronco at the beach

This article on Jalopnik/LaLD inspired me to try something new.

I wanted to create a nice beach-scenery, so I can have some vacation-feeling at home ;-)


I grabbed the glass-jar and the sand from my wife`s decoration stuff. And the plastic sheet was left from an old picture-frame. 

The only thing I had to buy were the palm trees. The package of 20 trees was sold for 15 bucks by a shop in China. And the shipping took only 7 days.

To build the scenery is really simple:

At first, I filled the glass with some sand.


Then I glued the palm-trees on a small plate of plastic. So it`s way easier to put the trees into the glass.


After the plate is putted into the glass, I added some more sand to cover the plate.


After that, you can feel free to add some more decoration-stuff and of course your selected diecast. I chose the 1980`Ford Bronco made by Racing Champions Mint.


It was a lot of fun to create this “diorama”. Hope you like it.

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