Alright, Maisto is not the first brand in our wishlists when it comes to 1:64s. It is languishing somewhere in bottom, in my case. The biggest turn off for me is the terrible wheel designs. No interior and so - so finishing will also add up.

That is not to say the Chinese maker is all bad when it comes to 1:64s. A random pick from yesterday (actually two) proved the case.


Now this X6 was never in my shopping list (not a fan of the real thing) but a peg hunting round yesterday landed me on this. The reason was simple; it was a pretty neat 1:64.

BMW badging is perfect in this model. Grille looks incredible as well.


It got the proportions right, it got the detailing right, it got the price right, it ticked the key boxes.


The wheels do not tick the relevant box though. No complaints here, as if the wheels are your biggest concern a simple swap will definitely solve the issue. Might as well look into that.

After all they cost quite a bit less than what a HW would cost here (hence the title), so nagging about the wheels may not be fair after all.


Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!