I really love this shot. It shows off the beautiful forms and detailing of these cars.

As far as I am aware, these are all three versions of the Bugatti Type 57C Cabriolet produced by Hot Wheels. If there are any I’ve missed, please let me know!

Each is fantastically detailed, beautifully proportioned, and heavy! I don’t prefer the silver/chrome version. That may get customized in a few years time; we’ll see. It’s definitely not high on the list for me.

The purple car is the most recent acquisition. After buying the black one and the silver one, I decided that if I came across the purple one at a good price I’d pick it up. I found it in its round container for $8 at my flea market seller. A few months ago I discovered the silver one loose at a hobby shop and bought it for $4, if I recall correctly. The black one came with the equally stunning matching Duesenberg.

Notice any differences?
All three have gleaming concours-ready engine bays.