Big things with little cars

But then the 1980s arrived...

This is a 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood in....1/18? scale by Best of Show. I question the 1/18 scaling because this car is BIG. It’s longer, wider and taller than my slightly overscale Anson Cadillac Seville. I know this thing is a boat but it might be a tad too big. But it’s pretty. I snagged this on American Excellence after realizing I’d missed out on the black Fleetwood unless I had 400 bucks to blow and didn’t mind picking it up in Moscow. But this model is a resin so no opening features so the thought of going to Russia to pick up a model didn’t exist.

I didn’t go too overboard with pics because I was trying to shoot in manual mode for once and was a bit more concerned with the camera. If ya’ll want though I’d be happy to go overboard for another post. Maybe put next to the Seville so you can see the size difference.


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