Big things with little cars

I recently got a autoart zonda revolution at a great price of the bay. Now i am excited as this will be my third zonda R. Well i wait patiently as i usually do for shipping to arrive. Well it was a saturday and my wife was home and the fedex guy shows up with this massive box. It does not register at first, did this person pack my 1/18 scale zonda in a bigger box for safety. My wife ofcourse says whats in the giant box. “I am supposed to be not buying cars” so anyway turns out this seller sent me a Pocher 1/8 aventador. At first i was angry as the blue zondas are getting harder to find at sane prices. After a few emails and apologies i get the zonda shipped thank goodness it did not go elsewhere. Right before i was about to ship the giant box back i low balled the seller at 300$ for the aventador, he agrees and now i have my third yet to complete Pocher car. These go from 575 to about 1000 the roadsters cost a bit more closer to 700. Btw the zonda revolution is number 95 and has never been taken out of its packaging.


Happy friday everyone

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